Technique paddles Versus Strength paddles

There’s so many must have gadgets available that promise to transform your swim stroke technique. One of course is paddles. Paddles mainly come in overly sized shapes.  The aim of these in training sessions is to develop your freestyle strength. By building up the big arm muscles to therefore improve your catch and pull through.

When in reality the freestyle swim stroke is not limited by strength. It is limited by technique!

Until a few years I had never been a fan of most swimming aids.  I believe and still do believe that developing my own awareness and feel of how and what moves me best through the water would serve me best especially when competing. As no aids are ever allowed anyways!

However, I came across pair of paddles that have a different aim and purpose.  Compared with most other paddles.

Finis Freestyler paddles:

These paddles are not a strength paddle but a technique paddle. They are not interested in exaggerating how much pressure you can apply to the water.

The paddles unique design encourages correct hand entry to the water. (Middle finger first). This proper placement of the hand allows you to lengthen each arm stroke. Therefore creating better overall alignment, pull through and better body roll technique.

They do this by being quite unstable on your hand which makes you think about each entry every time. They have only one strap for your middle finger. You mustn’t wrap your fingers around the edges of the paddles. Simply rest your hand on the top and keep your fingers relaxed as you would do in your normal stroke.

Any error in the way your hand enters the water will result in the paddle lifting or wobbling. This gives you instant feedback you’re doing something wrong! This is what makes them different to most other paddles.

These paddles are designed to:

·       Correct poor hand entry

·       Improve streamlining as you enter

·       Set up for a better catch and pull through

In my opinion they are definitely worth investing in if your stroke requires improving or brushing up on in any of these areas.




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